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Tanti Table

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Tanti Table
27 minMAY 15
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The Tanti Table podcast recorded most of Season 1 at the artist community space, The Workshop on Forsterstrasse in Berlin. Host, Rhea Ramjohn sat down with the owner of the space, Mary Lilith who is also a writer, translator and language teacher. Recorded in the gallery of The Workshop, Mary talks about the importance of artist community exchange and implementing feminist economies. Mary Lilith Fischer received her BA in Creative Writing from Oberlin College, USA. After completing her studies she came back to Berlin with the intention of opening up a project space and community focused artist studio. She opened The Workshop on Forster in February of 2018 and has been running the small space in the heart of Kreuzberg, Berlin since then, alongside her own artistic practice. To find out more about Mary’s community space, The Workshop, visit them at www.workshop-on-forster.de/

Thank you to everyone keeping a sense of community exchange alive especially during these times, and a big thank you to our listeners! Please rate us, subscribe and follow us at @tantitablepodcast

Thank you for listening to the Tanti Table podcast where we bring together the Thinkers Anecdotes

News Taboos and Intersectionality of Berlin and beyond.
Guest: Mary Lillith info@workshop-on-forster.de
Hosts: Goitsy Montsho, Armeghan Taheri, Rhea Ramjohn
Executive Procucer: Rhea Ramjohn
Music: Shannon Sea
Cover: Mariama Sow