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Tanti Table

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Tanti Table
53 minFEB 16
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Anti-racist activist, Black Marxist, and guide in Berlin’s anti-colonial tours, Kofi Shakur joins us this week at the Tanti Table!

Kofi tells us about his work in educating the public on Germany’s colonial history, the campaign for reparations, and keeping the legacy of German Black activists and community organizers alive.
He talks about the complexities in challenging structures and the resolve to change the colonial street names in Berlin’s African Quarter.
Armeghan and Rhea get him to spill the tea on the T.A.N.T.I. in his life- he gives his take on the Thinkers, Anecdotes, News, Taboos, and Intersectionality that shape Berlin and beyond.
Pull up a chair where there’s always a seat for you at the Tanti Table!
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Hosts: Goitsy Montsho, Armeghan Taheri, Rhea Ramjohn
Executive Procucer: Rhea Ramjohn
Music: Shannon Sea
Cover: Mariama Sow