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Tanti Table

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Tanti Table
41 min2019 NOV 22
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Welcome back to the Tanti Table podcast where we bring together theThinkers Anecdotes News Taboos and Intersectionality that shape Berlin and beyond!

This week we talk to one of our favorite intersectional thinkers and care practicioners, Turke Chini who is the co-founder of the self care and personal development platform, Within Element.

She's running a Trauma and Storytelling workshop in Berlin so we talk to her about making spaces for us to heal pain, about using artificial intelligence and social media as a tool, and of course about the T-A-N-T-I in her life.

So pour yourself your favorite cup or favorite glass and pull up a chair where there’s always a seat for you at the Tanti Table!

Follow Turke Chini @turke_chini and her organization Within Element @within_element to keep up to date with their healing workshops and resources for care and well-being in Berlin and beyond.