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The Always Creating Show

Steven Van

The Always Creating Show
34 min2018 FEB 26
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"Today we interview 85k+ subscribed professional-grade photographer and graphic artist Steven Van on how rappers can make professional artwork and music videos for their raps. We discuss what it feels like when you learn how to make a music video, how to build a fanbase with professional photographers, how to find a photographer for a photo shoot, what it's like to learn how to shoot a music video, any much more!"

0:47 Who are you and how did you discover How To Rap?
2:49 Why do you think rappers don’t take photo work more seriously?
4:45 How do I approach photographers? How much? Can I finesse them?
7:00 Do student photographers bring their own cameras and do their own editing after the photo shoot? Thanks
7:55 What are the basic quality differences in cameras? Phones?
10:13 Is it even important for rappers to learn this kind of stuff?
12:50 What about fonts? What should I learn about them?
14:24 Quick tips for making Instagram photos look better?
16:16 What’s all this