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The Always Creating Show

Steven Van

The Always Creating Show
65 min2017 OCT 29
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We talk about life as a young entrepreneur and why one person can change the course of your career. We go in-depth about how we conduct business, get clients and plans for the future.

00:00 - Intro/Guest Introductions
06:20 - How do you choose ideas?
09:45 - How do you outsource projects?
12:08 - Guest intros
14:39 - Are your parents supportive of your hustle?
17:55 - How do you balance school and your personal projects?
20:10 - Have you always been into Entrepreneurship?
24:10 - How do you get inspired/motivation to do your hustle?
28:58 - Post Malone and Steven Van.
32:50 - Using events to get clients/connections.
36:35 - Your age doesn't mean anything.
38:20 - Get a platform for yourself + making connections + being proud of your craft
55:40 - Doing free work
57:50 - It's who you know