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The Gender Rebels Podcast

The Gender Rebels

The Gender Rebels Podcast
28 MIN2016 NOV 4
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In this episode of The Gender Rebels we discuss the idea of privilege. protected classes, Reddit, red pills, Civilization, and coming out transgender at work. Why is coming out at work such a huge and extra-scary step for a transgender people? Faith shares her thoughts about coming out as a transgender woman at work. Special thanks to @TeelaWild for the great topic!Check out our website for our latest episodes www.genderrebels.com Follow us on twitter for all our shower thoughts and other musings @TheGenderRebels Like us on FaceBook so we can haunt your feed. Check out some of our favorite subreddits; transpositive, transtimelines and trans. Music by one of our favorite bands, the super cool, all-female punk band Jasper the Colossal. Download their new album "Take Your Time" and all their tracks on iTunes.