The Politically Incorrect Podcast

Jim Williams

The Politically Incorrect Podcast
49 MIN2016 JUL 29
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Jim Williams, Joe Henderson and Tom Jackson have between them over 100 year’s experience in covering the political arena on the highest level. The trio boasts 7 Emmy’s and over two dozen major local, regional and national awards.

 The guest list is a “Who’s Who,” of politicians from the United States and worldwide. As well as sports stars, celebrities and anyone who loves to talk about politics, as well as the issues of the day.

The Politically Incorrect Podcast is where smart, funny and entertaining people go to have a drink and talk politics in an uncensored arena.

 Think CBS “Face the Nation meets ESPN’s Pardon the Interruption and you have the show.

 The three can also be read at www.newstalkflorida.com