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Unicorns Talk Podcast with Latrice Sampson Richards

Latrice Sampson Richards

Unicorns Talk Podcast with Latrice Sampson Richards
31 MIN2019 MAR 7
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Mardi Gras is officially behind us and the Lenten season has come.  Christians believe that you are supposed to give something up as a replication of the sacrifice Jesus made for the 40 days he spent in the desert. Most people give up tangible things like cold drinks or candy, but this year, I would like for you to consider giving up something that will have a much more meaningful impact on your life. So, today, we’re gonna talk about 4 things you should give up for lent that will help you along your personal journey of healing and manifestation.


We’ll discuss:

  • How and why your feelings are always valid
  • The benefit of letting go of toxic people and relationships
  • Relieving yourself of the expectations of others
  • Allowing others to take responsibility for their shit

This episode is brought to you by:


My March book selection is “The Underground Railroad” by Colson Whitehead.

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About Latrice:

Latrice Sampson Richards is a mental and emotional wellness creative, licensed professional counselor, and certified life-enhancement coach.  

Web: www.latricesampsonrichards.com

IG: @latricesampsonrichards

Twitter: @lsamrichards