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Unicorns Talk Podcast with Latrice Sampson Richards

Latrice Sampson Richards

Unicorns Talk Podcast with Latrice Sampson Richards
42 MIN2019 APR 11
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I have worked as a counselor for the last 10 years.  Recently, I decided to begin a transition out of mental health.  There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes within the industry, and today, I am lifting the veil on a few of the reasons why I feel compelled to make this shift in my life.


We’ll Discuss:

  • How I ended up in mental health to begin with
  • The business of mental health in the Black community
  • Lack of cultural education amongst non-POC therapists


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About Latrice:

Latrice Sampson Richards is a mental and emotional wellness creative, licensed professional counselor, and certified life-enhancement coach.  

IG: @latricesampsonrichards

Twitter: @lsamrichards


Show Music:

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