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Monique Lindner

Unlimited U - The Podcast for Power Women
32 MIN2017 NOV. 7
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"... and that's when I realized I have been trained to serve."

Sandra* from England has been adopted very early after she was born.

She grew up in England, went to school and lived a very introverted life. Her parents asked her to do a couple of jobs in the household in a very early stage of her childhood - but later it became more duties that were introduced by a bell ringing.

Her obligations grew and so did her awareness that something was wrong. When she finally started to talk to her fellow students in school she found out that life was not what it's supposed to be.

Listen to this story of a childhood nightmare and how Sandra transformed her life into a Power Woman's dream.


*The name of my guest has been changed, to keep her identity safe & secure. We ask you to respect her wish.

If you like to get in contact please don't hesitate to contact me and I am happy to connect you personally.

Thank you.

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