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YINpreneur Cafe'


YINpreneur Cafe'
31 min2009 JUN 10
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Judith will share this hour and encourage conversation around money, wealth and abundance.
Judith Stephens, MBA, The Money Lady, is a Money Management Strategist. She promotes financial independence through financial literacy. Her mission is to educate people about money, wealth, prosperity and abundance. Stephens makes learning about money an enjoyable and profitable process.

Judith’s clients learn how to talk about money, understand the language of money, confidently ask specific money questions, and discover how best to use and leverage their money.

Helping clients get past their fear of money by learning more about it, and developing a wealth building action plan are aspects of the services Judith’s company, Yes To Financial Fitness! offers. She helps her clients focus on managing their money smarter. They discover how to use analytical tools to manage the money they have, while embracing new money skills needed to earn more.

Stephens says, “Your thoughts impact your cash flow. How you think and feel about money greatly influences your income level. Do you attract or repel money in your life? Have you committed to a life of under-earning or under-achievement? If so, how do you begin to change your thinking and commitment to one of success and prosperity?”

As your money advocate, Stephens provides you with options and choices about your money. Unlike financial advisors, she sells no financial products — no policies, annuities, or mutual funds. Your highest good is her only goal.