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All Is One

Alesia Nedbailo

All Is One
4 min2020 MAY 2
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Who are you?
Ask yourself a question: Who I am? Look inside yourself and try to find your source. You can’t see your mind, but you can observe your thoughts. Distinguish between the physical body that you can feel or touch and metaphysical thoughts that you can only observe. Try to find the location of your thoughts. Imagine yourself inside your body, try to move your attention through the whole physical body and beyond. Imagine yourself standing in front of you, now imagine yourself flying into space. Be aware of your metaphysical body as it is also part of you. See your thought process and ask yourself a question: where my next thought will come from? Who is moving your attention from one thought to another? What you believe yourself to be? What your personality is made from? Go back in time and try to find its source. See that your identity is made from your memories, your concepts, beliefs, and your projections. See how your past is influencing the decisions that you are making, see how your dreams are shaping your future. Realize how powerful the thought can be if you give it your attention and realize that they don’t exist at the same time. Imagine someone you love dying or winning a million and see how those thoughts are creating different feelings in your body. The thoughts that are given attention create emotions and those emotions both good and bad reflect in the physical body. See the energy of those emotions and how those vibrations attract different situations in your life. They like gravity bring in your life what you think about most.
Now concentrate on your physical body and find its source. Your organism was initially just a small embryo in your mom’s womb. And where your mom came from? Go back to your ancestors and find the beginning of humanity. Go beyond the formation of the planet and Milky Way and the Universe and find your source. If that source was billions of years ago, it should be here now also. Whatever you believe in or don’t believe in, the source is always the same. Darvin’s theory or religious concept or even belief that life was brought here by aliens, find their source also, don’t stop looking until you find it. Find what was here before everything, beyond time and space. Find the source of life, find the beginning of this life. Go deeper until you realize that you are the whole universe experiencing itself in the form of a human. You were never separate from other life forms; you are one with everything. Trees, animals and other humans are You. Fish are swimming as one whole consciousness, birds are flying as one big group with no leader and no one is better or worse, everyone is equal and every one is unique. The whole planet, the solar system, and the entire universe are You.
Now see yourself as the observer only. Be in that space that contains both your metaphysical image of yourself and the physical body. Let go of feelings in your body and let go of your thoughts. Make an intention to make your mind calm and silent. Make a decision to be free now of any experience. Let go of any ideas and don’t try to imagine anything. Let go of all desires and attachments, let go of your self-image, let go of memories and projections. Leave everything for a second and realize that space in which everything is happening in you also. Be nothing, don’t get attached to anything. See that there is no outside nor inside. No boundaries, no limits, no separation, everything is one and whole. You are Everything and Nothing. You are both empty and full. You are beyond time and space. Realize that there is only this space of being and All is One.