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Angel Heart Radio

Angel Heart Radio

Angel Heart Radio
68 minAUG 3
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What's your relationship with Confusion?

Are you having difficulty making sense of your life? Does it feel as though everything is upside down? Do you long for yesterday when things seemed simpler and life was easy?

Do you wonder if you have what it takes to make it through this crisis? Are you worried that there won't be a you left by the end of this uncertainty?

Do you wish there was someone or something you could turn to that would answer your questions and help you feel secure?

Join me on Sunday, August 2nd at 4 pm PDT, 7 pm EDT, Monday, August 3rd at 9 am AEST and discover how to get the help you need for times like these.

Callers are always welcome 347-202-0232 (If calling from outside the USA add +1)

If you're unable to call, please email your questions to: marcia@marciamartinthehearthealer.com or visit my website at: www.marciamartinthehearthealer.com