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Angel Heart Radio

Angel Heart Radio

Angel Heart Radio
73 minAUG 17
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What's your relationship with Celebration?

Do you celebrate all the moments of your life or are you waiting for the perfect opportunity?

Does your life feel good the majority of the time or do you wake up feeling depressed or anxious?

Do you feel that you have a supportive circle of family and friends or are you struggling to get by on your own?

Do you feel as though you're a good person who's learning to become even better or as though you're a failure who's lucky to catch a break?

Do you make excuses for your life but secretly wish that you had a reason to celebrate?

Join me on Sunday, August 16th at 4 pm PDT, 7 pm EDT, Monday, August 17th at 9 am AEST and discover all of the reasons to celebrate today.

Callers are always welcome 347-202-0232 (If calling from outside the USA add +1)

If you're unable to call, please email your questions to: marcia@marciamartinthehearthealer.com or visit my website at: www.marciamartinthehearthealer.com