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Get Real or Die Trying with Amadon DellErba

Global Change Media

Get Real or Die Trying with Amadon DellErba
51 minAUG 22
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In this podcast, Amadon DellErba interviews Sam Childers, the real Machine Gun Preacher. Childers is a full-time missionary and faith minister who remains loyal to God’s calling for him; to rescue children from the war-torn conditions of southern Sudan, Africa.

He reached popular notoriety in 2011 when his autobiographical book, "Another Man's War" was made into a major motion picture called "Machine Gun Preacher" starring Gerard Butler.

The excitement of Hollywood has come and gone, but through it all Sam Childers remains a dedicated servant of God. Today his outreach ministries include The Angels of East Africa, a non-profit aid organization providing a better future for orphaned children in Sudan; 5 orphanages, including Sudan’s largest, serving over 13,000 meals a day; and the 3C’S Church in Central City, Pennsylvania.

You can learn more about Sam Childers, the Machine Gun Preacher, at his website: http://www.machinegunpreacher.org/

And his Facebook pages:




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