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Inspire Nation Show with Michael Sandler
78 MIN2018 JUN. 12
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If you’ve ever wanted greater peace and joy in your life, then do we have the Calm Clarity show for you!

Today I’ll be talking with Due Quach, founder and CEO of Calm Clarity, Harvard and Wharton graduate and the author of a beautiful new book on calming your mind, Calm Clarity.

And that’s just what I want to talk with her about today, about a mind hackers guide to rewiring your mind and shifting into brain 3.0.

Calm Clarity Self-Improvement & Self-Help Topics Include:

  1. How Due Quach escaped Vietnam as an infant?
  2. How her family traded one war zone for another?
  3. How she developed PTSD and how the PTSD manifested in college?
  4. How she got into Harvard and what happened to her while there?
  5. Why did she feel her mind was betraying her?
  6. What does it mean to turn inwards toward your mind?
  7. What is Brain 1.0, Brain 2.0 and Brain 3.0?
  8. How did Due end up going to India?
  9. What did she learn about her mind from visiting Dharma Sala and India?
  10. How’d she become a brain geek?
  11. What did she learn?
  12. What’s your Inner Godzilla?
  13. What’s your Inner Teen Wolf?
  14. What’s our Inner Sage?
  15. What’s the importance of knowing neurons that fire together, wire together?
  16. How do emotions affect rational thought?
  17. What are early mind-hacking changes?
  18. What does laughter have to do with anything?
  19. What’s it mean to tune into your inner compass
  20. How do we begin to build brain 3.0?
  21. What does oxytocin have to do with anything?
  22. How does meditation help?
  23. What’s an easy way to begin meditating as a mind-hacking technique?
  24. What’s it mean to tune into the inner critic and to the inner sage?
  25. What do humility and gratitude have to do with anything?
  26. For More Info Visit: CalmClarity.org

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