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Sammie's Treasures


Sammie's Treasures
44 min2019 AUG 26
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Compassion is a concept or energetic principle that we acknowledge to be of the heart which connects us to one another. It gives us the ability to feel the experience of another usually when one is in suffering or pain. It is the seed of empathy and an expression of Love. In this episode, the Autists of the 7 Higher Heavens, and particularly one young autist boy, Bakti Roma (as he calls himself to me) transmits a beautiful message about what compassion is from the perspective of the Human Avatar template. There are chords as in tones of sound, but also cords as in energetic ropes or threads which connect us to the Source Creator to experience what we as expressions of the Creator experience. The image accompanying with this message is Sammie’s hands. It is part of the energy work I was guided to do on her to open channels so that she can continue to stream in the information coming through from the 7 higher heavens. The open hands denote the service that she and this collective are here to do. She had me put in the words, “We’re here for the love of Humanity”; this is the love and compassion that the Creator has for us.Sammie’s intentions for the podcasts are:1) Each will hear and feel her transmissions with clarity and focus.2) Each will listen with her hearts.3) Each will experience non-judgement.4) Each will experience states of non-duality.5) Each will experience the pure tones of Love from the Zero Point Field.6) This message will assist in shifting to the new emerging consciousness. Visit our website: www.moonoros.oneFollow us on Facebook: MoonOros.OneYouTube Channel: MoonOrosOneYou can also see our kids doing RPM on YouTube: RPMKidz