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Sammie's Treasures


Sammie's Treasures
56 minJUN 21
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June 21, 2020. Happy Father's Day in the US! Father's are very special to a child's development. For our unique Autists, dads play a vital role and especially so in the adult years. Listen in on my conversation with Sammie's dad and Daniel's dad. They love their children and ride the ups and downs of parenting and caring for these high vibrational beings. For Sammie and I, we could not do what we do without her dad. Daniel, too, has a very special relationship with his spiritual dad who cares for him 24 hours a day. Today, we honor all dads but acknowledge the strength that these unique dad's exhibit. Honesty, courage, commitment, and love exude from these dads. You'll be inspired.This special Father's Day happens to fall on a solar eclipse. And it's no accident that this angelic being came through for this particular Father's Day. The image attached is of an angel that felt very much like a divine masculine presence. This energetic presence signals the return of the true divine masculine that is part of our avatar light body. The aggressive, conquering masculine that has permeated the planet is not representative of the Holy Father. Consequently, this Father's Day is indeed a very special day. We will watch how the world transforms from this Divine Masculine presence on the earth. There has been much about the Divine Feminine in the last twenty years or so but humanity is also sorely in need of the Divine Masculine. May the relationship of father and children transform to support our evolution.Love and honor to all you father's out there doing the best you can.