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Sammie's Treasures


Sammie's Treasures
81 minMAY 10
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This is a special episode for the U.S. Mother’s Day celebrated on May 10, 2020. It is dedicated to all mothers, but especially those on this journey raising Autist souls. It has not been an easy journey but is enriched when we meet other moms in a similar situation. I felt healed within when I met these moms and began talking to them. In 2018, we had ventured into starting an online support group, Supporting Autism Consciousness Evolution (SACE) but got sidetracked as life took each of us in different directions at different times. Our conversations while planning our meetings were so valuable and enriching so for this Mother’s Day, we came together to share our stories. It is our deepest intention that what we each share will inspire and uplift anyone who listens; especially other moms who are awakening to the true treasures of these amazing souls. Each of them is supporting and sharing the messages of her unique Autist.