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Sammie's Treasures


Sammie's Treasures
58 min2019 JUL 14
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HUMILITY, EMPATHY, AND THE LOVE OF HUMANITYThis latest message is inspired by Sammie and part of the process in some of the work I was guided to do. As a mother, the concern for Sammie’s well-being as a physical human is always there. Often, I feel helpless and clueless to affect her physical health when she is here for some other purpose and the physical vessel/body can appear to merely be the vehicle to bring through the energetic consciousness information we need to make this monumental epoch shift. I’ve been praying and meditating on this off and on for many years, consciously and unconsciously. Some time this past April I started to receive guidance to work with a few different areas of Sammie’s beingness on the planet. Her feet in the accompanying image is one such guided energy process and work I was instructed to do over a few weeks. It marks the 7 heavens on her feet and connections she has to her 2nd Galactic Sun. The feet are an interesting aspect of the cosmic body of which the human body represents. During the stages that I was guided to work with her feet, it began to feel as though I was working with God directly and that through these bodies, God is stepping onto this earth. Sammie gave me the title of this podcast shortly after the first podcast and I was guided to really look at this definition of “Human” and “Humility” which comes from the latin word, “hum” which simply means, “ground” or “earth”. This is discussed in the message as well as the other derivatives of “hum” as in “humble” and “humiliate”. The definitions of “humility” and “humble” all center around a concept that we must lower ourselves to be “humble” or have “humility”. The subtle energetic imprint of this has desecrated the Human Race and “de-sanctified” us all in the process. To return to our original state as the angelic human avatar, Sammie and her collective is asking us to look deeper at these concepts of Humility and Empathy. What if God is Humility? How does that feel in your body? Why are autistics considered to lack empathy and what does that really mean? In essence, Sammie and the Autist Collective of the 7 Higher Heavens are returning the original intention of the Human Design. They are here as Emissaries of the Creator, God Walks Among Us. By dehumanizing others in the many forms this has taken, we essentially allow this very subtle and unconscious belief that the human, to be of humility, must be a lower being. And look at how these individuals are here on the earth. They are in a vulnerable state; often humiliated by our systems and their ways of being looked upon as broken. What if God is Innocence? Or God is Humble? Listen, contemplate, and feel what this message says to you. As Sammie said, “We are here for the Love of Humanity”.