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Sammie's Treasures


Sammie's Treasures
41 minAPR 11
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Join Nick and the Autist Collective of the 7 Higher Heavens for this amazing and brilliant message. We talk about love and express love but Nick takes us deeper into the origin of 'Love' and what Mom Love means. Whether you're a male or female, this love is inherent in all of us as soul beings. 'Love' is not an emotion but a state of being before a Holy Mother and Holy Father even came into Being. All the living words are expressions of this original state of Love. Words like, "grace, compassion, respect, serenity, stillness, honor, dignity..." are all living words and expressions of the original state of Love. Nick gives us an exercise to energetically connect to these living expressions. I've been contemplating it since I recorded and discovered that even words like, "unity, co-create, abundance" are all expressions of Love. Nick is an artist as well as an Autist and the artwork image with this episode was painted by Nick himself.