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Sammie's Treasures


Sammie's Treasures
51 minFEB 20
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In the last episode, Lucy brought forth a message about consent and consensus. When we consent or are part of a group consensus, we are creating energetic cords with others which has an impact in our manifested reality. It is the platform of group consensus which co-creates our reality. Thus far, it has felt as though we may not fully understand what we're consenting to and how we are co-creating our reality. There have been hidden agendas and although there are new rules and regulations being passed to have full disclosure, it can be confusing to fully understand what the terms mean. Sammie brings forth the topic of Sentience today to discuss why hidden agendas have been allowed to exist and how it impacts the collective reality we co-create. Our sentient nature or feeling body has been disconnected. It is this disconnection to our sensory system that has enabled hidden agendas to propagate. Our sensory intelligence would tell us if something is amiss. Those in control of the planet have promoted this disconnection by encouraging us to be numb by various means. By reclaiming our sentient nature, we can eventually eliminate many of the convoluted rules and regulations that we live in. It is by reclaiming our sentient nature that we will be able to consciously co-create a different reality using the new energetic templates now available to us but we must free our sensory system to function as it had been meant to function. In this episode we discuss the seed of sentience as a connection to the Infinite Omnipresent one and we must begin to acknowledge our own omniscient capabilities. Open your heart and listen with your senses to feel the deeper message of this episode.