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Sammie's Treasures


Sammie's Treasures
51 minJAN 13
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Consent and Consensus; do these words make you cringe? These days, it seems we are asked for our consent for just about everything. If we want to use an app, software, social media platform, contracts, agreements with schools, etc... we're asked for our consent. It implies we understand that we're giving permission for some action to be done to us or to engage in activities on a platform and much more. It says that both parties are agreeing to some type of exchange for something and that we understand the terms and risks. However, these agreements at subtle levels can be very confusing because there are other agendas buried in these consent agreements. Even in consensus agreements when others come together to make decisions for another or for a group, there's this feeling that someone may lose out in the decision. This is common in policy making - or seems anyway. Complex systems and language have been created so that it has become a confusing process to just "consent" to something. But in this world of bi-wave or distorted polarity systems we exist in, it feels just about impossible to engage in pure untainted systems and agreements.This is a complex topic. In this episode, one of our Autists, Lucy, takes us back to the nuts and bolts of what it means to consent from our core intentions and the energetic matrices that we are creating in these "consent agreements" and when we're co-creating for consensus. She showed me a visual using the Tri-wave Infinity symbol to add a third principle, Abundance and Flourish, to the intentions of our exchanges because in consenting and coming together for consensus, there are energetic chords being created which connects you to that other entity, institution, structure... It may seem as though 'abundance' and 'flourish' are implied but by actually being conscious of it, we can truly begin to manifest based on the tri-wave.The Autists are showing us a different perspective of moving from a bi-wave system of polarity to a tri-wave system of balance. As human avatar souls, in order to co-create a true long lasting fifth dimensional reality, we must begin to co-create using the tri-wave foundation.Join us for our next podcast when we'll talk a bit more about consensus reality and omniscience by Sammie.Check out our new Praesana meditation on YouTube: https://youtu.be/Z_uYpi-qSaI