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Sammie's Treasures


Sammie's Treasures
56 min2019 NOV 5
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The Wonder of Co-CreationJoin a young boy I call Tony, a young man I call, Prakash, and Sammie and I as we talk about the Wonder of Co-Creation. Tony offers a beautiful analogy about the Tri-wave’s birth from Formlessness. This is not a creation story to replace creation stories but rather a metaphor to offer a different perspective of why the Tri-wave is the balanced essential matrix to co-create in balance without distortions. This is not about propagating a new religion but a metaphor to guide us out of concepts that have been based on duality and an inorganic bi-wave system. Prakash then takes the metaphor further and describes the wonder of creation and what it means to co-create in balance and harmony with all of creation. Prakash, as he recently revealed is from the 5th Galactic Sun, one of the first emanations of Soul (visit our website for more information: www.moonoros.one/12-galactic-suns). The law of this sun happens to be the Law of Co-Creative Abundance (as had been transmitted to me last December 2018). In essence, when we co-create with the Tri-wave as the basis, there are no distortions and abundance is created for all. Feel the consciousness of this Autist Collective and allow the information to speak to you at various levels of your multidimensional being.Visit our:Website: www.moonoros.oneFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/moonoros.one/YouTube: MoonOrosOne (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWwCI9xjeOjzjrdvjoIv2Mw)Book a private session if you feel you need assistance. We do a very different light body activation and many other activations and attunements. If you feel you’re benefitting from our work, consider a donation through our website. Your energetic support is physically felt and our offerings will impact you at deeper levels.