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Sammie's Treasures


Sammie's Treasures
50 min2019 SEP 27
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Time from a third dimensional perspective seems pretty straight forward. We’re taught in elementary school how to tell time. We’re taught that it is a way of dividing up our day into hours, minutes, seconds, our days into weeks, months, and years. It can seem useful to have a collective reference point to mark seasons and cycles. In this third dimensional experience, however, it has come to feel restrictive and that we have become slaves to time. As adults we come to experience time in different ways which is more about our experience of moments. In these states, there are periods in our life when time seems to be going excruciatingly slow or other periods when it seems to be racing by. As we awaken to our Soul nature of being, many of us are experiencing time very differently. From a multidimensional perspective, the Autists share that time is connected to the experience of manifesting, and the higher the dimension where frequencies vibrate very quickly, the “faster” the manifestation. They also say that we activate time in a sense when the soul engages the dimensionalized system. Those of us experiencing the deep changes underway are also finding that our inner experience of moment to moment is not feeling so comfortable having to navigate this world based on time which dictates where we have to be and when. The spiritually awakening human can get to a point in their awakening that time does not exist and that time is an illusion. This perhaps is true from a “higher perspective” but it is also not helpful in navigating our world by simply stating it does not exist. In this episode, the Autists, and specifically a young man I’ll just call Carlos, shares a perspective to look at our lives as an Alpha&Omega cycle which is more in alignment as a soul being. Listen in and feel what arises in you.