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Single With A Purpose (SWAP)

Karynecia E Conner

Single With A Purpose (SWAP)
38 min2019 MAR 26
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You wanted that person, place, thing, relationship, so bad! But still, You lost that job, didn’t get that promotion, lost the man of your dreams, they said you were too small, too big, or not good enough! But SWAP is here to tell ya, that this was only A MINOR SET BACK FOR A MAJOR COMEBACK!

God is in the Business of Miracles and miracles are happening every day! We only have to open the eyes of our heart to see them! But what happens when a miracle doesn’t feel or look good when you receive it? This episode is for those who have suffered the sting of rejection!

This episode we speak about how to get beyond the sting of rejection and move forward! How to change your perception to see denial can be a redirection that pushes you toward your purpose! In this episode, discover why you should rejoice in the midst of a redirection and encouragement to keep the faith even when things don’t go our way! Yes, rejection hurts, but living in the sting of rejection is worse!