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Soul Care Mom Podcast

Soul Care Mom

Soul Care Mom Podcast
40 minOCT 12
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Have you ever been told that you were too sensitive? Or maybe you feel like your child tends to be overly sensitive? Today on the Soul Care Mom Podcast I talk with AmyVasterlingabout what it means to be a highly sensitive person or to have a highly sensitive child. Discover how you can better understand yourself and your child and learn the gifts that come from being highly sensitive. and howyou can incorporate respectful parenting so that guidingyour highly sensitive child through life is a joy. Hit play to get started. Get your 50 Soul Nourishing Self Care Ideas for Moms https://momlove.soulcaremom.com/self-care-practices-scmp And Don't Forget to Grab Your FREE Kickstart Your Calm Morning Self Care Ritual! https://momlove.soulcaremom.com/kickstart-scmp