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This Week in the XFL

XFL Newsroom

This Week in the XFL
34 min2020 FEB 15
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This Week in the XFL we're recapping the Week 1 XFL action and reviewing Week 2 with Picks!

Plus, we'll talk about Pepper Johnson being fired after one game, Brogan Roback joining the Renegades, Ticket Sales and XFL Championship Location! All that and much much more...

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Latest News:  https://bit.ly/2Z7WLOx

Pepper Johnson Fired: http://xflne.ws/IrXatSS

XFL Championship Location: http://xflne.ws/1rXamX8

XFL Ratings: http://xflne.ws/arXabQa

XFL Surpasses AAF Sales:  http://xflne.ws/2rXayep

BattleHawks Ticket Sales: http://xflne.ws/ZrXampc

Dragons Ticket Sales: http://xflne.ws/VrXans3

Music: "Two Finger Johnny" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)

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