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On this episode we have with us Jackson Thiebes, a professional rugby player for the New England Free Jacks of Major League Rugby. Jackson has quite the journey. He's originally from Montana and decided to play D3 football at Lewis and Clark college in Portland, Oregon. He went on to transfer to the University of Montana, a D1 school where he eventually started for the Grizz on the old line. After going all-conference and graduating from Montana, he trained for a NFL tryout. He then went on to attend Endicott college in Massachusetts for post-grad degree to receive his MBA and play rugby. From there, he went on to receive several accolades like an NSCRO All-American, and eventually signed with Mystic River Rugby Club and then professionally with the Free Jacks. 

Stay tuned as Jackson shares his thoughts on

  • his journey to pro rugby

  • what it was like transitioning from football to rugby 

  • what it's like as a pro athlete using sports tech

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