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Okie Sports

Okie Sports

Okie Sports
43 min2017 DEC 1
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0:00 - 3:00 Intro

3:00-22:00 Mike Gundy & Tennessee
Jake has good friend Andrew Herndon on to discuss the chaos that shook Oklahoma on Tuesday when their HC Mike Gundy was rumored to the Tennessee Job.
Andrew throws out an intriguing, yet wild, conspiracy theory about Mike Holder & Gundy in cahoots during the entire process, & they discuss what life after Gundy might look like, as well as deciding OSU doesn't need an alum as the next HC

22:00-36:15 - OU preps for the first Big XII title game since 2010
Baker Mayfield defends his O-linemen being snubbed from the Joe Moore Award calling it blasphemy, Gary Patterson drags OU through the mud (& Texas Tech?) and heaps coals onto the already burning fire for this game, and does TCU have a shot at the CFP if they win?

36-15-ending - Dad Jokes with Andrew and Jake's closing remarks