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Okie Sports

Okie Sports

Okie Sports
31 min2017 DEC 5
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0:00-1:20 - Opening

1:20-8:40 - OU/OSU Talk
A quick overview of the Big XII title game and thoughts on the weekend.
Listing the All-Big XII selections for both schools: OU tops the list with 13, while OSU has the most First-Teamers at 6.

9:00-20:40 - The First Ever Mailbag!
This was a lot of fun and I look forward to answering more of your questions in the future. We go from Gundy, to Bama, to Trae Young. I hope you enjoy.

21:00-33:00 - Dad Jokes with Gabe Crow
These were pretty awesome. First time ever doing the jokes with my partner in-person. Also, Gabe almost died this week so be sure to listen to his story!

31:00-End - Closing Remarks
Thank you guys for listening. Be sure to download this episode (and every episode) and also subscribe so you never miss one!

Music: All The Time in The World by John Fullbright, Cleveland County Blues by John Moreland, If I Ever Get Back to Oklahoma by Jason Boland