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Okie Sports

Okie Sports

Okie Sports
38 min2017 DEC 8
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Introduction to my conversation with Craig Hofeld from The Thunder Guys.

Jake and Craig get into a number of storylines surrounding the Thunder this year and what’s to come in the future. A few highlights include:
The struggles of Alex Abrines
The resurgence of The Kiwi Steven Adames
The Thunder’s free throw percentages (barf)
Craig compares this year’s Thunder team to the Lebron James and his first year in Miami Heat
Will the Thunder stick with Billy Donovan
Will PG13 be coming back next year
Do the Thunder need to go out and get a player to make this team better
And much more!

This has never happened before in Okie Sports history… but Jake and Craig finish with the exact same joke.

Hope you guys enjoyed the episode. Be looking out for more Thunder content in the show going forward from here.

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