Philly vs The World

Philly vs The World

Philly vs The World
56 min2020 APR 23
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While Drew is somewhere in Ohio "working on a farm," Chris and Gianfranco (quarantining in their respective states) discuss Gronk's return to the NFL, which NFL prospects they're sold on the most, which prospects will rise and fall in the draft, the Giants' latest affair with Justin Herbert, the possibility the Cowboys drafting a QB in the first round, a top 10 Mock Draft, who the Jets and Eagles should take in the first round, prop bets for the draft, and how Dak Prescott proved, once again, he's inferior to Carson Wentz. 

Time Stamps

  • How will Gronk's time in Tampa Bay shake out? (2:21)

  • Which prospects are you most sold on? (9:28)

  • Which prospects will rise and fall in the draft? (20:46)

  • Are the Giants going to draft Justin Herbert? (25:56)

  • Should the Cowboys draft a QB in the first round? (28:43)

  • Top 10 Mock Draft *with trades* (29:54)

  • What should the Jets do in the first round? (46:35)

  • What should the Eagles do in the first round? (48:38)

  • Prop bets for the NFL Draft (50:13)

  • Why Dak Prescott isn't as good as Carson Wentz (55:09)