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DeShawn Fontleroy

Sports Mastery
16 MIN2017 DIC. 5
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The answers to every human beings desires and struggles have arrived. Discover the Secrets To Inner Game Vol. 2 - 150 Inner Transformations Beauty, Power, & Wealth

There’s a power inside You. If you're a student-athlete with ambition, motivation, and purpose BEWARE. People are not going to believe in You. But what's more important than that, is what You believe.

Do You believe that you are meant to succeed? Do You believe that You are meant for better things in life? Do You believe that You are worth it? Do You believe that You should be loved in life? Do You believe that You should be respected? Do You believe that You should be healthy? Ask Yourself those questions. 

Let's take a closer examination. Are Your beliefs aligned, with what You want in life or not? Because You may say You want "A" but Your belief system tells You "B." Now the most important thing when it comes to Your belief system, is do You believe in Yourself? Think about that. Do You believe in Yourself? If You believe in You, then as the day goes forward, and obstacles come in Your way, Your belief system will help You overcome the obstacles. · 

Do You believe that You are powerful? · Do You believe that You are here for a higher purpose? · Do You believe that it is Your destiny to win and succeed? · Do You tell yourself that You believe in You and that You're worth something? · Are You satisfied with Your current condition? · Do You have high standards? · Do You believe in You? 

This is an episode that promotes Ambition, Motivation, and having a Purpose for what you do.

We explore the importance of clarity and having a vision. Key terms noted are:

  • Hindsight
  • Insight
  • Foresight

I want to help you create a clear mental picture of the things you desire. This leads to Expectancy and ultimately Effective Action.

Reflect - Intuit - Predict