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The Coaching Journey

The Coaching Journey

The Coaching Journey
45 minJAN 27
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This week, The Coaching Journey Podcast is excited to welcome Paddy King on the show! Paddy is the Director of Coaching at CUSA as well as the author of several books including A Game Model and Accompanying Session Plans. 

Our discussion today revolves around the concept of a game model. Paddy delves into what it is, how he went about creating one, and breaks down the idea for any coach to get a start on their own game model today. We talk about positional play activities and rondos and how several core activities can far outweigh a thousand different sessions, and Paddy discusses the difficulties in implementing a club wide style of play and how he overcame these challenges throughout his coaching journey.

Be sure to follow Paddy on Twitter: @King8Paddy and check out his most recent book here!


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