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The Michael Holley Podcast

NBC Sports Boston

The Michael Holley Podcast
42 min2019 DEC 20
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Michael Holley is joined by Antoine Walker to talk about his upcoming memoir, "Gone in an Instant," which tells the story of how his lifestyle as an NBA star caused him to lose over $100 million and what he learned from the experience.1:36 - Walker talks about entering the league as a 19-year-old and how being uneducated about finance ended up hurting him. He lists a few of his biggest purchases.12:28 - When did Walker feel like he was in trouble financially? He talks about how he ended up losing a lot of money during the recession in 2008, the bad press he got due to his alleged issues with gambling debts and what led to him wanting to write his book.19:54 - Walker disputes that his close relationship with Michael Jordan had anything to do with his gambling habits. He explains why he thinks MJ is the greatest of all time (and it's not even close) and why he has issues with some players in the league today.28:05 - What's he think of the current Celtics team? Walker says it's all about the development of Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown.30:13 - Michael asks Antoine what he would say to NBA players who have acquired a great deal of wealth. Walker stresses that players need to think about the future and learn to say no to friends and family looking for help.