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The Steve Dangle Podcast

The Steve Dangle Podcast

The Steve Dangle Podcast
97 MINMAY 27
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On this episode of The Steve Dangle Podcast, what we think will happen in Gary Bettman's press conference (00:00), the Lance Armstrong doc, and is the Tour de France terrible? (17:00), Adam's history corner! (27:00), Leafs goal trivia! (37:00), Steve and Jesse react to Gary Bettman's press conference (46:30), how do the Leafs matchup with Columbus (49:00), the most confusing draft lottery odds ever (54:00), where are the hub cities going to be? (1:04:00), the Last Dance flu / pizza / hungover game (1:15:00), the regular season is officially over! (1:21:00), and Buffalo Sabres are still doing things (1:31:00).

Originally aired: May 26, 2020

Watch the full episode here: https://youtu.be/6PSDRZO78cE

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