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The Throw-In

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The Throw-In
17 min2020 OCT 14
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Finally, the inter-county GAA gets set to resume with the resumption of the final two rounds of the Allianz Football Leagues which means the Throw-In is also back and for this week’s show Will Slattery and Michael Verney look ahead to what GAA fans can expect. Known unknowns is probably the best way to sum it all up in this Covid-affected season and being able to adapt to changing circumstances will be the new norm believes Michael Verney. “You have to be so versatile,” he says. “You have to be willing to just flick a switch almost when a decision is made but hopefully things will go smoothly enough over the next couple of months because we all need it really.” “We all need something every Saturday and Sunday, something to be following, something to be watching, something to be digesting over the weekend and then reviewing on the Monday and you need that conversation starter.” There’ll be plenty of conversation starters come next Monday that’s for sure and none more so than west of the Shannon with Galway looking to demote Mayo to Division 2 and with the involvement of Jim McGuiness to the Galway training giving it a bit more spice. “We're not getting like a slow burner like we might normally get in the League,” says Verney. “This is going in and it's high stakes stuff. We don't know what teams have been doing for the last God knows how long but everything will be on the line. There's so many interesting things and I suppose the unpredictability of it all you just don't know what level teams are at, you don't know how much they're going to have done, you don't know how cohesive they're going to be. But most teams will be in the same boat because they'll have the similar levels of preparation done but it's very, very interesting.” For more from the Throw-In podcast go to the show page at: www.independent.ie/podcasts/the-throw-in/ And don’t forget to listen and subscribe on Apple Podcasts or Spotify. The Throw-In is in association with Allianz.ie.