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Time Out


Time Out
91 MIN2019 OCT 22
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Of course, this is another UPMBT win that has to be claimed in dramatic fashion. We definitely are the “most entertaining” team, but admittedly our performance has to be consistent if we want to win the rest of our elimination games. It’s also worthy to note that this is another classic UP vs AdU game! Big shoutout to the Falcons! We also update you on our UPWBT, Swimming, Chess, Football, Track & Field, and StreetDance teams.BONUS: Possible play-off scenarios for Men’s Basketball!P.S. Really sorry for the long running time! Timestamps:4:16 - UP vs AdU Game Recap43:46 - Players Analysis for AdU49:24 - Players Analysis for UP59:58 - UPWBT Update1:03:07 - Messages from UP Community1:07:38 - Swimming, Chess, Football, Track and Field, and StreetDance Updates1:16:27 - Possible play-off scenarios (UAAP Men’s Basketball) (Spotify link: tinyurl.com/upfightclubtimeout)(Vlog channel: tinyurl.com/whatsupfightclub)