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Under the Sun

Coach Tim Hall

Under the Sun
78 MINAPR 22
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This is a special episode with Christian Foster, a Nashville racing OG from the early 2000s. Christian shares his first bike race at Lock 4 and his rapid development into road cycling, which included the "burger wars," the influence of Todd Nordmeyer, and that fateful day at the start of the Tour de Georgia in 2005. He lined up with Lance and countless other big names of the sport on Stage 1, but went through an ordeal that day that changed the trajectory of his life. Christian brings it back full circle with his last bike race, back where it all started, on the dirt at Lock 4. Sit back and enjoy this one because this Nashville legend has a lot of great stories!

Jittery Joe's 2005 Launch: https://www.cyclingnews.com/features/bean-team-offers-a-fresh-grind-for-2005/
Tour de Georgia Stage 1 News: http://autobus.cyclingnews.com/road/2005/apr05/georgia05/?id=results/georgia051

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