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What A Load Of Cobblers

Tom Reed

What A Load Of Cobblers
71 minAUG 22
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Farewell Charlie Goode, Northampton's rose. Your candle burned out long before the East Stand was ever finished.

We're not crying you are.

Don't worry, Charlie's not dead he's just joined Brentford and WALOC talks the Goode transfer with EFL expert Gabriel Sutton A.K.A Football Lab.

There's discussion of the dreaded undisclosed tag and just what the Cobblers' record sale actually is.

Elsewhere, Red Bull ambassador Jake Moore makes the pitch for the energy drinks giants to take over the Cobblers, Jefferson invents a cocktail of Aftershock and Coke and Andy talks a date who doesn't know what Pâté is.

Finally we settle down to an intimate dinner party that may or may not include Poul Hubertz calling everyone the C word, Bernie Sanders, Adult film star Omar and the CEO of Red Bull Dietrich Mateschitz.

In short, Lesley Joseph owes us nothing.

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