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Ruling on the Field

Garrett Dickerson: Football Official, Online Entre

Ruling on the Field
30 MIN2015 JUN 27
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In the tenth episode of the Ruling on the Field Podcast, Garrett Dickerson discusses with SAC officials, Brent Eubanks and Daniel Ingram, how to coordinate and participate in a rules study session. Both Brent and Daniel each give the listeners of the Ruling on the Field their own unique perspectives on how to effectively and efficiently be involved in sessions to get the most out of studying with other officials.During the show Garrett, Brent, and Daniel take NCAA rules and model how to go through a study session using Russ Pulley's system of study while looking at three different play scenarios each coming from one of the three main parts of a football game; the kicking game, running game, and passing game.If you would like to read along with the scenarios as they are discussed, the scenarios are in written form below. In the scenarios, the A team is the Offense and the B team is the Defense.Scenario 1 A, Free Kick, A-35.Team A trails 20-21 with 0:06 in the 4th quarter and is lined up in an onside kick formation.A6 kicks the ball into the ground and the ball arcs high towards the sideline.A28 jumps from the field of play and bats the ball forward at the A-44 in order to keep it from going out-of-bounds. There were no Team B players in the vicinity when the ball is batted. B88 falls on the ball at the B-44. Scenario 2 A, 2/7, A-23.A12 drops back and throws a screen pass from the A-18 to A32.The ball bounces of A32’s hands into the air at the A-21 and it is caught by A66 at the A-22.A66 runs the ball to the A-31. Scenario 3 A, 2/8, B-28.A32 takes the handoff and runs to the B-10 and fumbles.B50 recovers at the B-9 and while trying to elude Team A players retreats back into his own end zone and is tackled.A70 clips B48 at the B-6 during B50’s run.