Beginner's mind

Joy Chen & Bozhao Yu

Beginner's mind
48 min2018 APR 22
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So there's something going on in San Francisco that's not happening in Beijing, sharing electric scooters!! I asked Bo on this topic. From there, we discussed about the bike sharing, the two company buyout deals happened about the same time in Beijing and SF, and the future of cities.

01:00 General intro of sharing electric scooters in SF.

13:00 What's so interesting about Uber bought Jump?

20:00 It's interesting to compare the two news in bike sharing in Beijing and SF. Meituan, the company that started as a copy of Groupon and grew into a tech giant covering restaurant reviews, and food delivery, bought Mobike, one of the leading bike sharing companies. This news is interesting when contrasted with Uber purchased Jump.

31:00 Will Uber become the monopoly of transportation in the US? Bo mentioned it doesn't make sense for Uber to use self-driving cars for ride share.

40:00 Opening up the imagination for self-driving cars and the future of cities.