Beginner's mind

Joy Chen & Bozhao Yu

Beginner's mind
56 min2018 MAY 4
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Did you receive a wave of Privacy Setting Updates from most of the digital services, like Instagram, Trello, Pinterest, etc? It happened to me, and I read some of them carefully. They provoke some new questions: what are these updates about? What are they protecting? What data does user own? This is what this episode about. Enjoy!

01:00 We sidetracked a bit and talk about funeral.

06:00 Bo opens up the topic by pointing out four major points in these changes: a) about data deletion; b) about data portability; c) privacy by design; d) data protection officers;

15:00 Can decentralization help with the data ownership problem? We started the discussion into what data you own and not own in digital services, and what data portability means.

26:00 What if the technology works in a different way, what if I myself store all the data I created instead of digital service companies?

33:00 A bit recap of what blockchain is and then we start the deduction of how centralization and decentralization services approach data storage from different paths.

50:00 Data deletion on blockchain? And then we touched a bit on data legacy: how would you pass down your data if you are gone?