Beginner's mind

Joy Chen & Bozhao Yu

Beginner's mind
42 min2018 MAY 16
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This was supposed to be a sci-fi-ish episode, until we got to the point that we both agreed that this could go very serious and very deep. But it's also because Bo was not fully awake. So this is a pretty slow and scattered episode. We talked about bits of what might happen to one's data when someone passes away. We don't have a clear answer, but it's definitely something we can keep thinking about.

Anyway, I cannot believe we made it to episode 40!

01:00 Following the topic of last episode, we started talking about what might happen to one's data when someone passes away. What if the tech companies have full ownership of your data afterlife? What if the data they own actually worth a lot?

10:00 If you can make someone you love but who passed away into a chatbot, would you do that as a way to hold memory to? Is it still the person you used to know, or is it algorithm?

19:00 What if Facebook turn someone's page into a graveyard, is it worse?

25:00 What if the digital information can decay?

35:00 Then we talked about the VR graveyard in Hong Kong (what!!!).

37:00 The real show stops here, but I added some parts that we discussed in Chinese and English.