Beginner's mind

Joy Chen & Bozhao Yu

Beginner's mind
49 min2018 JUN 19
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What's the deal of Uber credit card? How does millennials manage their finances with new apps? We talk about MONEY this time!

01:00 Bo got a Uber credit card and we talked about what's special about it. But can customers trust giving bank accounts to Uber? How does it compare to banks?

12:00 How Uber is going to tab into the dining industry?

19:00 Is it something special about American companies to issue credit cards to expand businesses?

28:00 New startups to help people manage their money? Bo talked about Acron, Robinhood, and Wealthfront, but Joy was curious about how people can trust these new services.

36:00 The top one financial advice from Bo to young people -- you would be surprised. :) But later we did talk about why it's worth investing in, and Bo shared his ratio on different options.