Beginner's mind

Joy Chen & Bozhao Yu

Beginner's mind
--2018 JUL 12
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What do you want to do for your career? What do I want to do? What can I do as a career? I guess there are as many answers to the these questions as the population in Beijing or San Francisco. Though in the end, it's really up to each individual to figure out the path in front of them, it takes time and efforts, yet talking about it, to understand how we approach it from different perspectives, can be inspiring and encouraging. So here it is, our chat on career path.

00:00 Starting with Bo's startup, we talked about how he dropped out of college, and tried to start his business in Shanghai. From there, we talked about risk management.

13:00 The first job matters, but it just takes time to learn and evolve. Sometimes, personality defines what we do and how we do. But does our personality evolve over time?

27:00 Bo said, it's important to pick the battle to fight. Learn to be focus, means to find the best method to work.

36:00 Joy talks about her career path so far and where it might go in a near future. And we talked about the cultural aspect in making choices.