Beginner's mind

Joy Chen & Bozhao Yu

Beginner's mind
42 min2018 JUL 25
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Last time we talked about Bo's career path, and this time we are going to talk about Bo's wife. She became a programmer after attending a boot camp, and got a job as a front end in a company in SF.

01:00 We sidetrack a bit and talked about cafe job in US and China. Then we started talking about what bootcamp is about.

13:00 The coding bootcamp business in US: there used to be more, but now there are some busy acquisitions going on. And I compared the situation with the ones in Beijing.

20:00 The main difference between bootcamps in US and China is the students. We also talk about how as programming languages become accessible to more people, how it will affect the industry.

30:00 The value of more experienced designers and engineers in the future.