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BlogTalkRadio in the Limelight


BlogTalkRadio in the Limelight
31 min2009 NOV 12
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Each month, we feature a BlogTalkRadio host as “Host of the Month” and interview this host on “In the Limelight,” a show hosted by BTR’s Christina Blodgett. This month, we spotlight Alfred McComber, host of the “Code Red! Radio Show.” Code Red! features in-depth, top quality interviews with the most knowledgeable and experienced high level government officials from homeland security, law enforcement, fire & rescue, and emergency preparedness as well as private sector safety and security professionals.

Since September 2004, Alfred has hosted Code Red!. Before starting with BlogTalkRadio in 2008, Code Red! was previously available on Fox News Radio's local affiliate station in Washington, DC as well as Federal News Radio in the nation's capital. Alfred brings a unique perspective and extensive experience as a host on the BlogTalkRadio platform. Since 1983, Alfred has been heavily involved in law enforcement, high-level dignitary protection, search & rescue and emergency preparedness response operations. Past featured guests of the Code Red! radio show have included W. Craig Fugate, Administrator of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, Dennis Rubin, Fire Chief of the Washington,DC Fire & EMS Department and coming up this week, Judge Glenda Hatchett from the syndicated television show series, "Judge Hatchett."

Listen here to Christina’s interview with Alfred to learn how he started with BlogTalkRadio, how he prepares for and markets his shows, and his advice for other BlogTalkRadio hosts to help you achieve success on your online journey.