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BlogTalkRadio in the Limelight


BlogTalkRadio in the Limelight
91 min2008 DEC 5
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Each month, we feature a BlogTalkRadio host on our show In the Limelight. This month, we spotlight Andrea Garrison, the author and producer of the highly acclaimed book and CD, The Crossing Over of Mattie Pearl that chronicles the final days of her mother’s life. She hosts a show at BlogTalkRadio called Online with Andrea, a thoughtful, uplifting program that focuses on opening hearts and minds about our universe as a whole. Her recent shows have included interviews with recording artist Bruce Black and covered topics including homelessness in America.

Listen here to Christina Blodgett's interview with Andrea to learn how she started her BlogTalkRadio show, how she develops her shows to facilitate knowledge and understanding, and her advice for other BlogTalkRadio hosts to help you on your online journey.